Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - The Queen City


Junosmom said...

Were these from Aunt Loraine's and Uncle Otis' estate? Who drew them?

Passage of a Woman said...

Cathy, yes, they were from the estate. I thought I would frame them and hang them in my home office. I really do miss Cincinnati, especially "old" Cincinnati.

They were drawn and hand-signed by an artist named Bill Olendorf who was commissioned by Sears to do them (I think they were done in the early-80's).

Bill Olendorf was been a professional artist for probably 50 years by now and has exhibited extensively throughout Europe & the US, with one-man shows in Paris, Stockholm, Mykonos, San Francisco, and Chicago.

He is highly educated (Harvard, Washington & Lee, Art Institute of Chicago) and in 1963 received a Rockerfeller Foundation Grant to lecture on the "Olendorf Technique" at educational centers in the Midwest.

His paintings and drawings are held in many prestigious public and private collections, as well as many corporate collections.

You can read more about him and his technique and see some of his other work here: