Saturday, November 17, 2007

Not Another Diet...

Although I am not new to "diet" plans, I found a program that I believe will finally work, because it's promotes a healthy lifestyle change. I am so excited, because like so many of us, I have tried everything, including in-patient treatment and every diet out there. I am now well over 300# and only 5'3", but I'm so excited that I found this program. Having just started, I alrady know it's something I can do because it's fits me and it's easy preparation. No complicated recipes and menus to follow (unless I just want to).

I was thrilled to find all the Thanksgiving recipes I needed right here on their site, so my first week won't be sabotaged by "Thanksgiving." I can make the yummy recipes I'm used to, lightened up, which is not only better for me but for my whole family. Whether one needs to lose weight or not, healthier menues and foods are good for all of us! I can fit these recipes right into my meal plan and not have to sacrifice the foods I enjoy on such a special holiday because I'm yet again "on a diet." This is so important to me. And because my meal plan includes snacks and mini-meals, I can eat a little, and then save some for snacks, etc. when I'm ready. I'm counting on success!

I wanted to comment on one thing, that maybe some others have encountered. I have always been one to take care of everyone else "first," me last. So sitting down for a couple of hours today and reading through all the meal plan material, preparing my menus, and making my shopping list was almost excrutiating. I could hardly get through the time it took to do this. Not because it took so much time (because it didn't), but because I was spending that time ON ME! I had to keep telling myself "I deserve two hours," "I deserve to eat healthy," "I deserve to feel good." Suddenly I was out of the "victim" mode and into the "success" mode. What a difference. I will let you know my success, because I thoroughly expect it.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, everyone!