Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Desire Stronger Than Apple Pie

There's a Dutch apple pie in my refrigerator. I bought it for my husband who is a truck driver and doesn't get home much. He was home for New Year's and planned to eat the whole thing by the time he left, this morning. Guess what? He didn't.

I longed for the pie for awhile, but I find I have a desire stronger than Dutch Apple Pie. It is my desire to get healthy and to get to a functional weight (notice I said functional, not "normal," whatever that is). I said good things to myself. I said, "I don't want the pie; I don't need the pie; I won't be sabotaged and I won't sabotage myself." I put my praise and worship music on and I delighted in my Lord today, for He is my food and drink! And His grace is sufficient for me!

I will leave the pie to see if my son eats it tonight. If he does not, I will throw it out. What? Throw out pie? Throw out anything? Yes, I will throw it out. And I won't feel guilty.

In fact, I imagine I will feel pretty good about it all.

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Junosmom said...

You need chickens, my dear woman. I never feel that I am wasting anything if I feed it to the chickens. Now, my hens, they could stand to lose a pound, but better them than me.