Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eating Snow

Tar, a black Lab mix, was the cherished child of my late Aunt and Uncle, Loraine and Otis, who adopted him some 12 years ago as a puppy. I inherited Tar late in the summer of 2007, shortly before my Aunt's death. He hasn't seen snow since he left Cincinnati (we don't get much snow here in East Tennessee), so I imagine the light blanket of white stuff this morning was, indeed, a special tasty treat to him. Watch as he enjoys a frosty nip or two!


chuckmccky said...

I hope he did not eat the yellow snow!

Barrie said...

I cannot even imagine what our poodle, Dorothy, would do if she saw snow! (We live in So Cal)

Barrie said...

Oh my. I can't tell if my comment went through or not. Why oh why is blogger misbehaving this morning? Anyway.....I can't even imagine what Dorothy the Dog, our poodle, would do if she saw snow!