Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fast Forward 30 Years

Today, the doors of college open to me again for the first time since 1979. Perhaps not your typical student, this new season of my life finds me returning to college after 30 years to finish my education. I guess you could say it was on my “bucket list.” My goal is to obtain a degree in psychology with a concentration in Christian counseling, as I have deep desire to more effectively counsel hurting women, borne perhaps from my own life experience, growth, and recovery.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to study on-line as a distance education student, something not available to me as a young person, even had I had the direction and focus to pursue a degree through completion. I will be attending Liberty University, the largest and fastest growing Christian Evangelical university in the world, founded by the late Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr.

I am studying Introduction to Christian Thought and Development Psychology.


Anonymous said...

Seem like me and you are on the same track. I am also looking to go back to school but it will be in 2011. I am seeking a degree in Human Services and Counseling. I am wish I could start sooner but I am trying not to go back into debt with school. I am going to start out at South West Virginia Community College. There I will earn an AAS in Public Service Technology with a major in Human Services and with a specialization in Mental Health.

Anonymous said...

Liberty University is a place that I might like to do college work when God allows me to go back.